Friday, 1 August 2008


You may be wondering why I haven't pawed the keyboard of late...well I'm not that happy after the whole Willow deBARKle. She was a nice girl at first: we loved long walks together, hanging out on our mats and sleeping and I even liked watching her do tricks. But she had some issues with jealousy and she was quite nasty to me at times so we decided we should agree to see other Beagles. Never goes on and being a single man I'm left free to pursue a couple of rather gorgeous Labs I know.
I'll post some pictures later.
Bye for Now


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Love is in the air

Today I met Willow.
Willow is a Beagle. OK it wasn't love at first site, we had a bit of an argument and the two legs put her outside until the experts (from Beagle Rescue) arrived. They said to let me out but I already had it sussed and had left a message from the couch to the back door to let them know it was time for Max to get out. Unfortunately Dad didn't quite understand this and he chucked me in the laundry but eventually Mum let me out.
Then we chatted, just the two of us, she was lovely. We had so much in common. A little shorter than me with smaller ears. Her face is really cute. I showed her around the garden, took her for a wander through the silverbeet patch and between the fruit trees. We went round to the sadly frogless frog bog. I even showed her the stinky compost...the place in the world.
She was pretty excited to meet me. I even let her drink from my bowl!
Eventually one of the the BRV ladies, Sarah and Dad came outside with us. I barked at the door after awhile to let mum know she could come out but she hung inside for a bit longer. Finally she came out and I told her how much I liked Willow.
Willow did let herself down though. It was really embarrassing. Her person threw a ball and she sadly chased it and brought it back - he threw it again and in most un-beagle-like behaviour she went and got it AGAIN. Over and over they threw the ball and she ran after it and brought it back like some sort of Retriever!!!! I kept barking and chasing after her but she wouldn't listen...she was addicted and kept chasing it. My goodness - I chatted to mum about it and just when I thought it could get no worse she leaped into the air and caught the ball in flight!!! Then they clapped, all of them, even Mum!!!
Still, when it was time to go I was very sad. Luckily Tina had been earlier (so I looked hot when Willow got there) and there were lots of liver treats to distract me.
Willow is coming for another play date and sleepover next weekend. I can't wait!!!
See you later.

Counting Down

She'll be on her way soon. I hope she doesn't get lost. That Beagle nose of hers should point the way but will the humans listen?

Friday, 11 July 2008

Oh Happy Day...

She's coming tomorrow....Just a play date, formal introductions, checking us out...but she's coming.


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Max & Willow

I might be having a special visitor soon. A very special visitor who might come to stay. Her name is Willow and she needs a new family. I think I'll like having some company during the day. She's not a puppy so she won't annoy me and chew on my ears...unlike that Rotty next door!!!!
Anyway - I'm going to try and not think about it too much so I don't jinx it.
In other news Tina is coming on Saturday to give me lots of attention and lots of treats - ah it's a great life :)Willow's cute isn't she????

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Happy Birthday MAXXXXXXXX

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday Max the Beagle;
Happy Birthday to me!

Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now where's the food???

Sunday, 14 October 2007

It's a great life...

Well, the two-legs have obviously decided that after abandoning me for four days that they had some serious making up to do. Mum and I go walking every morning now and dad comes with us in the evenings! They took me to see the doctor and he said I was looking really good - I now weigh 17 kilos which is heaps better than the 23 kilos I weighed when Wendy first became my mum! The doctor was so impressed with me that he gave me a liver treat and stuck a needle in my neck - oh well everyone has different ways of expressing affection. It was a nice car ride all the same.
Tina came to see me last night - she's lovely - I got a lovely warm bath, rinse and blow dry- I smell really good! Then because I'm her favourite customer she came in to have coffee - and I got to stay inside. Even after she left I got to sleep on a blanket while they watched tv.

Today we headed to Albert Park Lake and went on a great walk. I met two Beagles one called Gemma and the other was just a puppy - didn't catch her name. I was also kissed by a British Bulldog - a strange experience I must say. Another strange experience was meeting swans- they're not overly friendly but one decided to say hello.

When we got home I had a nice nap but in the evening we all went for a walk and dad took more photos to send to my breeder because it's nearly my birthday! I like moving my head just before he takes the shot - but he got a few good ones.